Aluminium Barrier Bag Fabrication

How to fabricate Aluminium Barrier Bag Two type of Aluminium Barrier Bag Type 1: Two side seal bag Type 2 : Quad Seal bag Aluminium Barrier bag Fabrication Type 1. Step 1 : Prepare materials and tools Material: Aluminium Barrier Sheet Tools : Knife, Ruler,Hand Sealer and Glove   Step 2 : Cut Aluminium Barrier roll to cut size needs Step 3 : Fold the Aluminium Barrier sheet .Than seal both side using Hand Sealer.    Step 4 : Two side seal Aluminium Barrier bag finished fabricated ____________________________________________________________________________________ Aluminium Barrier Bag Fabrication Type 2 Step 1 : Cut Aluminium roll to cut size needs Step 2 : Fold the Aluminium Barrier sheet become 2 layer. Than cut base on dimension needs. Step 3 : Seal right and left side.    Step 4 : Seal edge portion at both side.    Step 5 : Quad Seal Bag Fabrication …

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Desiccant – Silica Gel

Silica Gel Silica gel is a granular, vitreous, porous form of silicon dioxide made synthetically from sodium silicate. it is used as a desiccant to control local humidity to avoid spoilage or degradation of some goods.The main application of Silica Gel is to attract and hold water, alcohol, hydrocarbons and other chemicals by the phenomena known as physical adsorption and capillary condensation. It generally uses for various products such as auto parts, electrical, appliances, electronics, food packing, furniture and footwear. Silica Gel available in different packet size (1g – 1000g).   Silica Gel – Absorbing moisture   Silica gel vs Sundry II Description Silica Gel Sundry II Price Cheap Expensive Quantity usage More quantity Less quantity Adsorb Moisture level Low High Re-use Can Can not Usage include food packing except food packaging.   Moisture Absorbtion rate between Silica gel & …

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Packing Service – Carton Case Packing

Packing Service – Carton Box + Carton Case + Plywood Base Item for Packing: 1 unit Transmission Material usage Plywood base, Top & Bottom carton tray, Sleeve, LDPE Plastic Sheet, PP Hollow, Paper Edge Protector ,EPS Block , Antirust Plastic Boselon, Silica Gel, Carton box and Tape. Step 1 : Order or make a RSC Carton box. Step 2 : Set up PP Hollow inside carton box. Step 3 : Apply LDPE Plastic Sheet. Step 4 : Apply Antirust Plastic Boselon. Step 5 : Transfer the Transmission into carton box and put 1 pc Silica gel. Step 6 : Cover the LDPE Plastic Sheet and tape.   Step 7 : Tape the carton box and paste tagging. Step 8 : Apply LDPE Plastic Sheet onto Plywood carton base. Step 9 : Put the carton box onto Plywood carton base and wrapped the plastic. Step 10 : Apply Sleeve and install EPS Block the box.    Step …

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Poly Pail Band + Plastic Clip

Method to tie Poly Pail Band with Plastic Clip Items : 2 pcs Carton Box , 2 pcs Poly Pail Band (Blue) and 2pcs Plastic Clip Step 1 : Tie Poly Pail Band with Plastic Clip as photo below. Step 2 : Tie one more time and tighten the Poly Pail Band Step 3 : Arrange the Poly Pail Band at the bottom carton box. Step 4 : Tighten the Poly Pail Band with Plastic Clip 2x time. Than tie it. Step 5 : Pull end of the Band to make more tighten. Step 6 : Repeat step 1 until step 5 for one more Poly Pail Band. Lets try use Poly Pail Band with Plastic Clip. 🙂 *We can use Poly Pail Band with Plastic Clip in a variety application including in general packing, Food industrial, News paper, Corrugated …

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PP Strapping Band + Poly Plastic Buckles

Method to Fix PP Strapping Band with Poly Plastic Buckles Items : 2 unit Carton box , 2 pcs PP Strapping Band and 2 pcs Poly Plastic Buckles Step 1 : Arrange carton box and set PP Strapping Band at the bottom Step 2 : Fold one side PP Strapping Band Step 3 : Insert into Poly Plastic Buckles Step 4 : Tighten PP Strapping Band with Poly Plastic Buckles Step 5 : Repeat step 2 until step 4 for one more side Step 6 : Tighten both side of PP Strapping Band Step 7 : To make it neat, fold the PP Strapping Band as photos below Step 8 : Repeat step 2 until step 7 for one more PP Strapping Band Assembly finished. We can use PP Strapping Band + Poly Plastic Buckles in a variety application including general …

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Packing Services – Carton Box Packing

Carton Box Packing Part : Steel Automotive Part Step 1 : Tape carton box with Opp Tape, then put PP Hollow Pad (White) inside the carton box. Step 2 : Apply LDPE Sheet on top of carton box. Step 3 : Apply Antirust Plastic Boselon Sheet on the LDPE Sheet. Step 4 : Put part on the Boselon Sheet.     Step 5 : Put 1 pc Desiccant of Silica Gel or SUNDRY on the part.    Step 6 : Wrap the part with Boselon Sheet.    Step 7 : Wrap with LDPE Sheet and tape use Opp Tape.    Step 8 : Closed the box and tape it. Box packing was completed. 🙂

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Desiccant – Sundry II

Desiccant Sundry II Sundry one of the desiccant agent use to prevent rust and dew formation.Sundry made from Calcium Chloride and natural materials from grain shells, representing the effective recycling of natural resources and less damage to environment. Features 1.Excellent Moisture Absorption performance.Absorb more than 6 times compared to Silica Gel. 2.Easy use and storage. 3.Odorless & Safe to use. 4.Non toxic properties. Characteristics 1.Environment friendly. 2. Resolves into nature after use. Absorption Sundry used to prevent rust especially for Transporting Automobiles part,Electrical Equipment and all other machines parts. Sundry II vs Silica gel  Description Sundry II Silica Gel Price Expensive Cheap Quantity usage Less quantity More quantity Adsorb Moisture level High Low Re-use Can not Can Usage except food packing include  food packaging.     Moisture Absorption Rate between Sundry and Silica Gel Sundry is a right preventive solution …

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Boselon 103 Anti-rust Plastic Sheet

Boselon 103 Boselon is one of the Volatile Corrosion Inhibiting (VCI) material for preventing corrosion process inside sealed environment. It’s mainly use in automotive industry as one of the material to protect metal parts from corrode. Boselon 103 suited for Engine and Transmission knock down part. What is Rust? Rust is an iron oxide formed by reaction of iron and oxygen.Rust occurs when iron or an alloy that contains iron, like steel is exposed to oxygen and moisture for a long period. How to use Boselon 103 Full cover metal part with Boselon 103. How Boselon 103 Protect Metal If moisture condensation occurs inside of a package, vaporize corrosion inhibition ion to denies moisture access to the metal and prevents oxidation. Metal can be prevented from Rust.

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Air Bubble Bag Fabrication

Fabricate a packaging material of Air Bubble Bag Manually Step 1: Preparation material and Tools Material : Air Bubble Sheet Tools : Knife,Ruler & Electrical hand Sealer PPE : Kevlar Glove Step 2 : Cutting Cut Air Bubble Sheet to the size needs. Step 3: Sealing Fold the Air Bubble Sheet.Than seal both edge portion using Electrical Hand Sealer. Step 4: Air Bubble Bag fabrication finished. Lets try!

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PE Foam Lami Bag Fabrication

Fabricate a packaging material of Laminate Bag Manually Step 1: Prepare materials and Tools. Material : PE Laminate Sheet Tools : Knife,Ruler & Hand Sealer Step 2: Cutting Cut Laminate Sheet to size needs. Step 3: Sealing Fold the Laminate Sheet.Than seal both edge portion using Hand Sealer. Step 4: Laminate bag fabrication finished. Lets try!!!

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